Our programs are designed for children from babies to age twelve. We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of trust, security, and comfort in which each child feels motivated, appreciated and esteemed. To promote each child’s uniqueness, we focus on capabilities.

Programs such as Jolly Phonics and Wings of Discovery are integrated into many of the Centre’s curricula. Your child’s development is actively monitored and tracked using the Ministry of Education’s guidelines , and this information is shared with you on a regular basis.

We strive to provide an enriching and stimulating environment that meets the needs of the whole child, including: the cognitive, creative, social, emotional, and physical self. We encourage problem-solving skills and decision-making through guidance.

To learn more about the foundation and implementation of our programs, please view our Program Statement.

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You can find out more about our daily meal plan Menus, cooked by our in-house staff, and loved by children and parents alike!