Welcome to our new website!

With the help of parents, staff and volunteers, our website redesign is finally complete!

We’ve worked hard to make sure the new site structure is familiar, which will ease the transition from the old design. Key references, policies, administrative and educational tools are prominently displayed on the homepage, as well as in the menu sections located at the top and bottom of all site pages.  The site’s search feature will also save you time and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

As you’ll likely notice, our new site is mobile responsive, meaning that it’s perfectly optimized for every device and screen size.  So whether you’re viewing the site on your desktop, tablet or phone, it should look fantastic.  Additionally, it’s been tested across a host of popular web browsers, from Firefox to Safari and everything in between.  These elements help ensure that all visitors have the same great experience!

Most importantly, a complete review of all the site’s content is presently underway to ensure accuracy and consistency.  Stay tuned for updates and new additions to the site, as well as news regarding SSCC, which will be regularly available via this newsletter section.