Our Mission

  • Provide developmentally appropriate programming, thereby facilitating physical, emotional, social and intellectual development, enhancing the child’s strengths and increasing their abilities.
  • Provide an integrated child care program in a multicultural setting through positive role modeling which enables the child to learn and appreciate the difference possessed by all human beings irrespective of cultural, social, economic backgrounds or ability levels.
  • Provide program plans for children with special needs in both the pre-school setting and the home environment, thereby enhancing the child’s strengths and needs in each area of development.
  • Assist with the co-ordination of services for children and families in the community.
  • Plan educational meetings with parents and teachers and/or parent groups to share experience, and establish goals as children go through stages of development and explore new skills.
  • Encourage the scheduling of visits by therapists, involving direct therapy, play-based therapy and/or the use of naturally occurring situations.